About Us

Dave, owner of JR Repair & Compliance, has been around the trucking industry nearly all of his life — driving them, working around them and learning how to take care them. After spending years working in the industry, he decided to purchase his own repair shop to offset some of the expense and down time involved with maintaining his fleet of trucks. That endeavor has worked to not only servicing his fleet but also to the trucking industry in the surrounding NW Indiana area.  Dave's motto is to offer competent mechanics, accurate repair work and stellar service all at a fair value.  Dave wanted to create an environment where only the best, most well trained technicians are employed and customer service is king.  Our staff is dedicated, dependable and ready to tackle your next maintenance need.

JR Repair and Compliance is certified by the U.S. D.O.T. to handle Annual Vehicle Inspections, Internal and External Visual Inspections as well as Pressure Retesting.
JR Repair and Compliance is certified by the States of Indiana, Illinois and Michigan EPA agencies to perform annual Pressure-Vacuum Testing, West test and Overfill Protection testing. 
We are certified to provide corrective actions to vehicles that require repair.

JR Repair and Compliance's staff of 6 consist of trained expert technicians, able to competently work on older units as well as new models. With vehicles becoming increasingly technological, you need to be able to trust that your repair shop doesn't just employ nuts-and-bolts know-how, but also electrical and programming. JR Repair and Compliance specializes in a variety of makes and models including the following:
Peterbilt, Mack, Freightliner, Heil Trailers, LBT Trailers and many more.

Give us a call at (219)762-6644 for details!